About Dorin “the Videographer” Sovarosi

I am a Professional Videographer, based in Maple Ridge, a member of the British Columbia Professional Videographers Association (BCPVA), specialized in offering professional Videography services to businesses and individuals in Vancouver, all the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, and broadly anywhere in Canada.

Since 2010 I have been doing Videography work for local communities, family and friends. It quickly became a passion and my main profession, working 6 years for a non-profit organization as a multi-skilled videographer: operating broadcast and cinematic cameras, setting up lighting, monitoring audio, editing presentations and documentaries, doing graphic design and image touch-ups, operating crane jibs and managing live streams.

Over the years I have honed my skills, always looking to push my creative capabilities and prioritize the client, understanding their vision for their idea or product and bringing that idea to life through video.

The types of Projects I have had the pleasure of working on: corporate advertising, TV commercials, interviews, conferences, documentaries, weddings, dance recitals, parties and events, concerts, presentations, special events, theatrical arts, and many more.

I am equipped with my own gear that I have mastered:

  • 4K cameras and slow-motion cameras;
  • electronic gimbal;
  • wireless microphones;
  • LED lights;
  • video switcher;
  • 4K drone;
  • live-streaming setup;
  • portable greenscreen;
  • parallaxing slider;
  • shoulder rig.

Your ideas are worth sharing.
Your business is worth promoting.
Your product is worth advertising.
Your life moments are worth capturing.
You are unique and you need a special Videographer to capture what defines you and make it stand out.

Get in touch with me right now and let’s make your idea come to life!

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Experience and Skills

  • Over 13 years of experience filming and editing videos for individuals, organizations, non-profits, and corporations;
  • Extensive knowledge and hands on time with a wide variety of professional cameras including studio, broadcast, cinema, action, DSLR, and mirrorless camera systems;
  • Greenscreen lighting, filming and keying skills;
  • Live-streaming and video production directing;
  • Creative workflow covering linear, non-linear and multi-camera productions;
  • Crane jib operator;
  • Cinematic videography using sliders, glidecam and gimbals;
  • Photography services ranging from portrait shoots to weddings.

Typical Services

  • corporate events
  • staff training videos
  • cooking videos
  • product videos
  • promotional videos
  • advertising videos
  • interview videos
  • weddings
  • conference videography
  • presentation videos
  • highlight videos
  • special event videos
  • anniversary videos
  • music videos
  • theatrical videos
  • dance recital videos
  • dance competition videos
  • sports videos
  • fitness videos
  • party videography
  • live-streaming events
  • webinar live-streaming
  • webcasting live-streaming
  • kickstarter videos
  • photography
  • funeral videography
  • celebration of life videography
  • life legacy videos
  • documentary videos
  • short films
  • youtube videos
  • social media videos