Dorin “The Videographer” Sovarosi

Videography | Event Filming | Video Editing | Motion Graphics | BCPVA~Tri-Cities~BBB Accredited | Photography

Corporate and Advertising Videos:

Get your business noticed with an unforgettable promotional video highlighting all that defines your organization. Reach out and create a positive impression on customers by displaying your services in a professional video.

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Special Event Videos and Interviews:

Have important events captured and displayed in a practical and engaging visual fashion. Whether it be conferences, family events, corporate events, concerts, or anything that is important to you, a professional video is the best way to document and share important events!

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Wedding Videos:

Relive your most important day with a gorgeous video that captures every special moment. Cherish this day for years to come by having a professional video made especially for you.

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Tell a story in the most dynamic and engaging fashion possible. A documentary is not afraid to ask the big questions, seek the truthful answers, explore possibilities, and document a journey.

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Demo Reel:

This classic video compilation encompasses some of the capabilities of the Videographer Dorin Sovarosi.

Need a Professional Videographer?

Get Dorin to film and edit your project!

Dorin Sovarosi is a professional Videographer based in Coquitlam, Vancouver, BC, Canada, a recognized BCPVA Professional Member. He has over 7 years of experience in both Corporate Videography and Freelance Videography and Photography.

Dorin offers Wedding Videos, Wedding Videography, Corporate Videos, Corporate Videography, Ads, Commercials, Conference Videography, Promotional Videos, Event Filming, Personal Videos, Video Filming, Video Editing, Videography, Motion Graphics, Youtube Videos, Kickstarters, Storytelling, Greenscreen, Lighting, Photography, and much more!

Dorin Sovarosi is available for any freelance or contract work.